Ralph D. Winter, Missiologist

View a Tribute to Ralph Winter. This video was made in 2008 to recognize his contributions to world missions.


Legendary missionary strategist Ralph D. Winter always provoked strong reactions, one way or another. This book captures both the genius and the controversy of a self-described “social engineer,” named by Time magazine as one of the 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America.

Ralph Dana Winter (December 8, 1924 – May 20, 2009) was an American missiologist and Presbyterian missionary who helped pioneer Theological Education by Extension, raised the debate about the role of the church and mission structures, and became well known as the advocate for pioneer outreach among unreached people groups. He was the founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission (USCWM), William Carey International University, and the International Society for Frontier Missiology (ISFM).


In his last years, Winter was greatly concerned about the importance of followers of Jesus displaying God's character and will through initiatives to eradicate disease. He wrote: "Mobilized Christian response did not come soon enough to materially help my wife, and may not help you or yours. But the least we can do is set something in motion that may rectify our understanding of a God who is not the author of the destructive violence in nature and who has long sought our help in bringing His kingdom and His will on earth." With this motivation he founded the Roberta Winter Institute. For more articles on the topic most on Winter's mind at the end of his life, see the Roberta Winter Institute's website.


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