October 1, 2019

In June 2015, the Ralph D. Winter Heritage Forum recently presented a seminar using oral learning strategies based on four of Winter’s “Frontiers of Perspective” (see this RDW Library blog for the full list). You can view the short 5-7 minute segments at the links belo...

August 10, 2019

How all of Ralph Winter's missiology fits together, from UPGs to Kingdom Mission

View the enlarged image here.

April 17, 2019

EDITOR'S NOTE: Contrary to the suspicions of some of Ralph Winter’s colleagues in the last years of his life, he did not abandon the “unreached peoples” concept for which he is best known. In his prayer log entry for Sunday, November 7, 2004, he attempted to tie his ea...

April 11, 2019


This abridged, but still lengthy, version of Winter’s full article (the full article can be found in Reaching the Unreached: The Old-New Challenge, edited by Harvie M. Conn) originally appeared in 1984 in the second issue of the International Journal of Frontie...

This article was first published in the Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Global South, used by permission.

For convenience in surveying and seeing patterns in mission history, missiologist Ralph D. Winter (1924–2009) postulated five 400-year epochs following the comi...

September 6, 2018

Poverty and the Christian Mission (1960) (Frontiers in Mission, 358-60).

Editorial Comment on GCOWE '95 (1995) (Mission Frontiers, July).

Thy Kingdom Come: Analysis of a Vision (1996) (IJFM 13:2).

Editorial Comment on GCOWE 1997, missionary families serving the Kingdom...

The Hidden Peoples: The Last Frontiers (Mission Frontiers, July-Aug. 1979).

Finish the Job. (Mission Frontiers October 1980).

• Facing the Frontiers (Mission Frontiers October-November 1982).

• “Mission 2000": Towards a Strategy of Closure (IJFM 2:1, 1985).


This list is part of a series of bibliographies for most of the articles by Ralph Winter that relate to his "Twelve Frontiers of Perspective." I have grouped together some of his original "frontiers of perspective" into the following list of bibliographies:


April 25, 2018

This paper was given at the 5th International Forum for Korean Mission Leaders, November 16, 2005, Ganghwa Sungsan, South Korea and was originally published in the Winter 2005 issue of the International Journal of Frontier Missiology (IJFM).

I appreciate very much the i...

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