May 8, 2019

This article is excerpted from Winter's Editorial Comment in Mission Frontiers, Jan.–Feb. 1998 issue. 

Cannibals, again.

Hugh Ross refers in his recent newsletter to the same amazing new book we mentioned last fall—which verifies the existence of cannibalism everywhere...

The Roberta Winter Institute will try to upgrade our desire to bring glory to God by ending our apparently neoplatonist truce with Satan in the realm of all his ingenious and destructive works. Our global mission agencies, which already have to their credit the discove...

September 11, 2018

Editorial Comment on GCOWE 1997, What about the evidence of “destructive” intelligent design? (1997) (Mission Frontiers July-August).

Editorial on “hideous strength”; cancer (1997) (Mission Frontiers, March-April).

Editorial Comment on evil (1998) (Mission Frontiers, J...

September 11, 2018

Prayer Log Entry, date unknown.

The reason I am so concerned to identify evil and become known as a believer in Jesus Christ who is fighting it, is because a great deal of evil in this world is blamed on God. How attractive is our invitation to people to return to and y...

August 15, 2018

In Part I, excerpts from a blog by Pastor Marc explain his passion for seeing the local church play its God-intended role in fulfilling the Great Commission. In Part II, excerpts from Ralph Winter's writings give another slant on the importance of well-informed local c...

Editor’s Note: Ralph Winter spent the last decade of his life trying to get the mission world to "reclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom." The blog below addresses Winter's perspective on the dichotomy that has troubled the evangelical mission world for more than half a cen...

March 9, 2018

Carl Hiltz has written a fictional account of the cosmic battle, with strong biblical overtones, a theme that Ralph Winter often talked and wrote about in the last years of his life. I've edited and posted the first of the three books, The Junta. You can view the chapt...

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