• bethsnodderly

A Virtual Discussion about International Development and the Kingdom of God

with Ralph Winter

The Old Testament is full of instructions to Israel for national development—personal, societal, health, sanitation, spiritual, etc. The principles from God’s instructions to Israel can help any society figure out how to start getting things right—international development. Being right with God is at the root of the solution in every case, including fighting disease and making the desert blossom like a rose. (Beth Snodderly)

Some groups are sealed off from spiritual and physical development because of culture and language, often in realms of very blatant darkness because of lack of knowledge and light. They need extra effort from people outside “breaking in” with light. (Bruce Graham)

God wants an entire society changed from top to bottom, from the inside out. Working towards clean water or more widespread literacy or evangelism are all good things in themselves individually, but the foundational element in the transformation of a society is whether or not that society is actually following the true God. (Fred Lewis)

When God’s will comes into a community, there begin to be changes in the structure of society. Their concept of good and evil, how to make a living, etc. are changed. (Ralph Winter)

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