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Bibliography of Winter Articles about Unreached People Groups

This list is part of a series of bibliographies for most of the articles by Ralph Winter that relate to his "Twelve Frontiers of Perspective." I have grouped together some of his original "frontiers of perspective" into the following list of bibliographies:

Unreached Peoples

The Great Commission and Abraham

From the Unfinished Task to Finishable

Historical and Radical Contextualization

Reverse Contextualization of Our Own Tradition

The Religion of Science

Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

The Fullness of the Kingdom

The Challenge of the Evil One




• GENERAL RESOURCE: Lausanne '74, by Greg Parsons.

• The Hidden Peoples: The Last Frontiers (Mission Frontiers, July-Aug. 1979).

Waving the Flag for ‘Hidden’ Peoples (Mission Frontiers, March 1980).

Reflections of a Heart Aflame (Mission Frontiers August 1981).

Unreached Peoples: The Development of the Concept (IJFM 1:2, 1984)

World Need, World Problems (Mission Frontiers, Jan-March 1985).

Mission 2000: A Synopsis (Mission Frontiers April-June 1985).

Unreached Peoples: Recent Developments in the Concept (Mission Frontiers, Aug.-Sept. 1989).

Editorial Comment on Completion of the Task, Waving the Flag (Mission Frontiers, August-Sept. 1989).

Momentum Is Building in Global Missions (IJFM 7:2, Apr 1990).

Editorial Comment about Change (Mission Frontiers, Nov. 1990).

When Feelings Bend Statistics: Taking a Look at ‘The Numbers Game in World Evangelization’ by Winter and Robert T. Coote. (IJFM 8:4, Oct 1991).

Defining the Frontiers (IJFM 9:1, January 1992).

Once for All: What Is an Unreached People Group? (Mission Frontiers, Jan.-Feb. 1993).

Are 90% Of Our Missionaries Serving In The Wrong Places? (Mission Frontiers May-June 1993).

Strategic Missionaries (Mission Frontiers, Nov.-Dec. 1993).

Editorial Comment on What is the task; completing the task (Mission Frontiers September-October 1994).

Ethnolinguistic Reality: Complexity of the Task (IFJM 11:4 OCT./NOV. 1994).

The Story of the Frontier Mission Movement (Mission Frontiers, Sept.-Oct. 1995).

Christian Leaders Express Support for Joshua Project 2000 and the Cooperative Effort (Mission Frontiers November-December 1995).

Editorial Comment on Joshua Project 2000 (Mission Frontiers, Nov.-Dec. 1995).

When Jesus said, “This Gospel must be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all peoples,” ...what did He mean by “all peoples?” (Mission Frontiers, Nov.-Dec. 1995).

• Analysis of a Movement (1995, From the booklet, Thy Kingdom Come for GCOWE ’95) (Frontiers in Mission, 135-44).

• Unreached Peoples: The Story of a Movement (1995, From the booklet, Thy Kingdom Come for GCOWE ’95) (Frontiers in Mission, 145-54).

“Thy Kingdom Come”: An Analysis of a Vision (IJFM 13:2 APRIL-JUNE 1996).

Editorial Comment on several things, including a new global map; Gateway People Clusters; De-westernization (Mission Frontiers November 1996).

• “Peoples and Ethnic Groups” (1996, WCF Lesson 73, Module 4)

• “The New Focus on Peoples” (1996, WCF Lesson Overview 15, Module 4)

• Four Men, Three Eras, Two Transitions; Modern Missions (1999) (Foundations Reader, 229-35).

Editorial on three crucial mission frontiers (IJFM 18:2, April-June 2001).

Editorial on Assemblies of God transition to Unreached Peoples (IJFM 18:3, July-Sept 2001) [first page is blank; scroll down].

• From Mission to Evangelism to Mission (2002, for Singapore Conference on Unreached Peoples) (Frontiers in Mission, 155-57)

Editorial on hazard in dealing with frontiers (IJFM 19:4, Oct.-Dec. 2002).

• Letter re Early History of the Idea of “Hidden Peoples” (2002) (Frontiers in Mission, 133-34)

• In Pursuit of the Full Gospel (2004) (Frontiers in Mission, 167)

• Beyond Unreached Peoples (2004) (Frontiers in Mission, 186-87)

Editorial on frontiers that are different from Unreached People Groups (IJFM 21:1, Jan.-March 2004) [first page is an ad, so scroll down].

I Was Bombed by an Explosive Idea! (2004) (Foundations Reader, 257-59).

Editorial Comment on People Group Barriers (Mission Frontiers, Jan.-Feb. 2005).

Twelve Frontiers of Perspective (2005) (Foundations Reader, 267-81).

• When Business Can be Mission (2005) (Frontiers in Mission, 41-47).

• Excerpts on Reaching Certain Unreached Peoples while Fighting the Works of the Devil: See Book Review, The Epic, by Ralph D. Winter, IJFM 23:2 (April-June 2006).

Editorial Comment on what it takes to “engage” a people group (Mission Frontiers November-December 2006).

Editorial on hopelessness is destructive and poisonous (Mission Frontiers March-April 2007, 4-5).

The Evangelical Renaissance, 1600–2000 CE (Foundations Course Lecture 14 (2008)

Post-World War II: The Expansion of New Missions. Foundations Course Lecture 16 (2008)

• Seven Men, Four Eras (2008) (Frontiers in Mission, 308-316)

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