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Bibliography of Winter Articles: From the Unfinished Task to the Finishable

The Hidden Peoples: The Last Frontiers (Mission Frontiers, July-Aug. 1979).

Finish the Job. (Mission Frontiers October 1980).

• Facing the Frontiers (Mission Frontiers October-November 1982).

• “Mission 2000": Towards a Strategy of Closure (IJFM 2:1, 1985).

Mission 2000: A Synopsis (Mission Frontiers April-June 1985).

The Final Era of World Missions (IJFM 2:3, July 1985).

Bright Hope for Tomorrow (Mission Frontiers April 1986).

Momentum Is Building! Many Voices Discuss Completing the Task by 2000 A.D. (IJFM 3:1-4, 1986).

Groundswell Toward A.D. 2000: The Students Are Coming! (Mission Frontiers August 1986).

The Most Hopeful Picture You Have Ever Seen! (Mission Frontiers, March 1989).

Editorial Comment on Completion of the Task (Mission Frontiers August-September 1989).

Part 1 Crucial Issues in Missions: Working Toward the Year 2000 (Mission Frontiers June-October 1990).

Part II Crucial Issues in Missions Working Toward the Year 2000 (Mission Frontiers November 1990).

The Diminishing Task (Mission Frontiers, January-February 1991).

The Rallying Cry of the AD2000 Movement (Mission Frontiers, January-February 1992).

Editorial Comment on Diminishing Task chart (Mission Frontiers March 1992).

Editorial Comment: Are We Winning or Losing (Mission Frontiers May-June 1992).

Racing to the Finish (Mission Frontiers July-August 1992).

Facing the Final Frontiers (Mission Frontiers November 1992).

Editorial: Christianity is not losing ground (Mission Frontiers May-June 1993).

Are 90% of Our Missionaries Serving in the Wrong Places? (Mission Frontiers May-June 1993).

Operation World: Introduction (Mission Frontiers November-December 1993).

• Is One Kind of Mission Work More Important Than Another? (Mission Frontiers November-December 1993).

Jesus’ 2000th Birthday (Mission Frontiers Issue, “Bring Back the King?” July-August 1994).

Editorial Comment on What is the task; completing the task (Mission Frontiers September-October 1994).

Editorial Comment on what the AD2000 and Beyond Movement has to do with the Return of Christ. (Mission Frontiers March-April 1995 (Unfinished Task Issue).

Editorial Comment: AD2000 and Beyond Movement (Mission Frontiers, March-April 1995).

Editorial Comment on A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person by the Year 2000 (Mission Frontiers May-June 1995).

Which Missionary Is Doing the Most Strategic Work? (Mission Frontiers May-June 1995).

Thy Kingdom Come: A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person by the Year 2000 (Mission Frontiers September-October 1995).

Christian Leaders Express Support for Joshua Project 2000 and the Cooperative Effort (Mission Frontiers November-December 1995).

Editorial Comment on explosion of global interest in completing the task (Mission Frontiers November-December 1995).

When Jesus said, “This Gospel must be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all peoples,”......what did He mean by "all peoples?" (Mission Frontiers November-December 1995).

The Unfinished Task of World Evangelization (From "The Unfolding Drama of the Christian Movement," 1996).

Editorial Comment on several things, including a new global map; Gateway People Clusters; De-westernization (Mission Frontiers November 1996).

Finishing the Task: Unreached Peoples Challenge (with Bruce Koch) (IJFM 16:2, Summer 1999)

Advancing Strategies of Closure: Finishing the Task: The Unreached Peoples Challenge (with Bruce Koch) (IJFM 19:4, Winter 2002, 15-25).

Advancing Strategies of Closure: From Mission to Evangelism to Mission (IJFM 19:4, Winter 2002).

Editorial Comment on what it takes to “engage” a people group (Mission Frontiers November-December 2006).

• Role of Western Missions in the 21st Century (W1047.1; Frontiers in Mission, 114-17).

Analysis of a Movement [AD 2000 and Beyond Movement] (Frontiers in Mission, 287-97).


This list is part of a series of bibliographies for most of the articles by Ralph Winter that relate to his "Twelve Frontiers of Perspective." I have grouped together some of his original "frontiers of perspective" into the following list of bibliographies:

Unreached Peoples

The Great Commission and Abraham

From the Unfinished Task to Finishable

Historical and Radical Contextualization

Reverse Contextualization of Our Own Tradition

The Religion of Science

Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

The Fullness of the Kingdom

The Challenge of the Evil One



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