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Bibliography of Winter Articles: Historical and Radical Contextualization

This bibliography combines writings by Ralph Winter, in chronological order, related to two of his "Twelve Frontiers of Perspective":

#4 Failure with the Large Blocs and the Offsetting Trend to “Radical Contextualization”

"We began to realize that it’s not just how many unreached peoples are left, but also that some large blocs
of peoples are superficially touched
by gospel witness – and that some 'reached' peoples aren’t really reached.

#7 Beyond “Christianity” "We will often need to go beyond radical contextualization—to recognize that some people around the world will choose to go beyond current expressions of biblical faith now recognized as 'Christianity.'”

Winter: “History may be repeating itself. The experiences of the New Testament and Early Church throw remarkable light on the present.”

Editorial Comment on communism, Muslims, Hindus (Mission Frontiers, January-February 1990).

The Christian Tradition and Islam (1996?) (WCF Lesson Overview, Module 4, Lesson 24).

The Bible, Reformation and Modern Missions (Mission Frontiers, September-October 1996).

Do We Need Heresies on the Mission Field? Can Heresies Be Clouds with a Silver Lining? (Mission Frontiers, Sept. 1996).

Editorial Comment on De-Westernization (and other topics) (Mission Frontiers, November-December 1996).

Basic Concepts (January, 2000) (Frontiers in Mission, 26-27).

Editorial Comment on Converting Muslims (?) (Mission Frontiers, September-October 2003).

The Largest New Factor in Mission Strategy in the 21st Century: New global partnerships for world mission [Churchless Christianity] (2004) (Frontiers in Mission, 118-21).

12 Frontiers of Perspective (2005) (Foundations Reader, 267-81).

Beyond Transformation: An Ancient Syncretism as a Handicap to a “Public Theology” (2005) (Frontiers in Mission, 279ff)

Editorial Comment on Insider Movements (Mission Frontiers, September-October 2005).

Editorial Comment on “Missiological Breakthrough” (Mission Frontiers, Jan.-Feb. 2006).

To The New Asian Society of Missiology: Greetings from the West (2007) (Foundations Reader, 247-51).

The New Beginning of the Global Mission (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 8).

The Carolingian Renaissance (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 11).

The Renaissance Proper, 1200–1600 AD (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 13).

The Post-Exilic Period (2008) (Foundations Reader, 79-82).

Some Thoughts on the Significance of the Post-Exilic Period (2008) (Foundations Reader, 97-99).

The Growth of the Church in Judea and Samaria: Acts 3–12 (2008) (Foundations Reader, 117-20).

The First Four Hundred Years (2008) (Foundations Reader, 153-58).

The Second Four Hundred Years (AD 400–800) (2008) (Foundations Reader, 173-78).

The Two Structures of God’s Redemptive Mission (2008) (Foundations Reader, 179-87).

The Third Four Hundred Years (AD 800–1200) (2008) (Foundations Reader, 189-93).

The Fourth Four Hundred Years (AD 1200–1600) (2008) (Foundations Reader, 211-14).

The Fifth Expansion (2008) (Foundations Reader, 215-18).

The Evangelical Awakening (2008) (Foundations Reader, 219-21).

Collapse of Colonialism, The Rise of Globalization (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 15).

Beyond Christianity (2008). (Foundations Course, Lecture 17)

Churchless Christianity (2008) (Foundations Reader, 283-86).

The Role of Western Missions in the 21st Century (2008) (Foundations Reader, 299-302).

Who Is a True Christian? (2009) (Last writing dictated by Ralph Winter April 27, 2009, a few weeks before he died)


This list is part of a series of bibliographies for most of the articles by Ralph Winter that relate to his "Twelve Frontiers of Perspective." I have grouped together some of his original "frontiers of perspective" into the following list of bibliographies:

Unreached Peoples

The Great Commission and Abraham

From the Unfinished Task to Finishable

Historical and Radical Contextualization

Reverse Contextualization of Our Own Tradition

The Religion of Science

Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

The Fullness of the Kingdom

The Challenge of the Evil One



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