• Compiled by Beth Snodderly

Bibliography of Winter Articles Related to Reverse Contextualization

The Retreat of the West (Originally Fuller lectures published as The Unfolding Drama of the Christian Movement. n.d., Chapter 15. (1979) (Foundations Reader, 237-40).

Christology and Missions? (IJFM 2:4, October 1984).

“Mission 2000": Towards a Strategy of Closure (IJFM 2:1, 1985).

My Pilgrimage in Mission (IBMR, April 1995)

Editorial Comment on De-westernization (Mission Frontiers, November-December 1996).

A Blindspot in Western Christianity? Transcription of a talk given on June 23, 1999 (Foundations Reader, 319-22).

Role of Western Missions (1999) (Frontiers in Mission, 114-17).

Basic Concepts (2000) (Frontiers in Mission, 26-27).

When God Doesn’t Make Sense: Seminar April 10, 2000 (Frontiers in Mission, 171-72).

Group Self-Deception, Seminar February 7, 2003 (Frontiers in Mission, 181-84).

Who Is Saved? Correspondence with David Hesselgrave, including a letter to Art Glasser about Cornelius (2003) (Frontiers in Mission, 161-63).

The Greatest Mistake in Missions (2004) (Frontiers in Mission, 164-66).

In Pursuit of the Full Gospel (2004) (Frontiers in Mission, 167).

What Is a Christ-Centered Church? (2004) (Frontiers in Mission, 168).

12 Frontiers of Perspective (2005) (Foundations Reader, 267-81).

The Bible and Saving Faith (Seminar, June 2005). From audio CAS1026.

Beyond Transformation: An Ancient Syncretism as a Handicap to a “Public Theology,” Chicago, American Society of Missiology, June 2005 (Frontiers in Mission, 279ff).

The Gospels from a Global Perspective (2006) (Foundations Reader, 101-05).

Planetary Events and the Mission of the Church Donald McClure Lectureship, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Ralph D. Winter, Monday, October 3-4, 2005 (Frontiers in Mission 286-307).

Role of Western Missions in the 21st Century (2005) (Foundations Reader, 299-301).

Growth of the Church in Judea and Samaria: Acts 3–12 (2006) (Foundations Reader, 117-20).

The Post-Exilic Period. (2006) (Foundations Reader, 79-82).

To the New Asian Society of Missiology: Greetings from the West: Twelve Mistakes of the West (2007) (Foundations Reader, 247-51).

Beyond Christianity (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 17).

The Classical Renaissance (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 10).

Collapse of Colonialism, The Rise of Globalization (2008) (Foundations Course Lecture 15).

The Emerging, Expanding Church (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 9).

Frontier #1: Restoring God’s Glory (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 19).

The Future of Evangelicals (2008) (Frontiers in Mission, 327-43)

Indicators of the Future (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 18).

Seizing the Future (2008) (Foundations Course, Lecture 20).

Who Is a Christian? (Winter’s last writing, 2009)

Random Quotes Compiled by Beth, various dates, in chronological order, posted as a blog on the Ralph D. Winter Research Center website.


This list is part of a series of bibliographies for most of the articles by Ralph Winter that relate to his "Twelve Frontiers of Perspective." I have grouped together some of his original "frontiers of perspective" into the following list of bibliographies:

Unreached Peoples

The Great Commission and Abraham

From the Unfinished Task to Finishable

Historical and Radical Contextualization

Reverse Contextualization of Our Own Tradition

The Religion of Science

Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

The Fullness of the Kingdom

The Challenge of the Evil One



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