• Compiled by Beth Snodderly


How the USCWM is Invading Secular College Curriculum (1979) (Mission Frontiers, April-May).

From the Director (about a solution for the problem of the training of missionaries) (1985) (Mission Frontiers, August).

Part II Crucial Issues in Missions Working Toward the Year 2000 (1990) (Mission Frontiers, November).

An Announcement and a Request for Prayer (WCF curriculum) (1992) (Mission Frontiers, July –August).

Editorial Comment on The Missing Bridge (Education for Pastors) (1992) (Mission Frontiers, November).

Missiological Education for Lay People (1993) (IJFM 10:2).

Editorial Comment on Degree Completion, WCF (1994) (Mission Frontiers, March).

Evaluating Goals for Mission Training (1994) (IJFM 11:1).

My Pilgrimage in Mission (1995) (IBMR Jan., 22-25).

Editorial Comment on The Most Important Problem in Missions (TEE) (1996) (Mission Frontiers, May-June).

The Future of the University (1998) (Monday Missiology Discussion, December 7).

Basic Concepts (2000) (Frontiers in Mission, 26-27).

Editorial on 41 new universities (2003) (IJFM 20:3).

Needed: A Revolution in Pastoral Training: The Largest Stumbling Block to Leadership Development in the Global Church (2003) (IJFM 20:3).

12 Frontiers of Perspective (2005) (Foundations Reader, 267-81).

Twelve Mistakes of the West (To the New Asian Society) (2007) (Foundations Reader, 247-51).

Indicators of the Future (2008) (Foundations Lecture #18).

Random Quotes Compiled by Beth, various dates, in chronological order.


This list is part of a series of bibliographies for most of the articles by Ralph Winter that relate to his "Twelve Frontiers of Perspective." I have grouped together some of his original "frontiers of perspective" into the following list of bibliographies:

Unreached Peoples

The Great Commission and Abraham

From the Unfinished Task to the Finishable

Historical and Radical Contextualization

Reverse Contextualization of Our Own Tradition

The Religion of Science

Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

The Fullness of the Kingdom

The Challenge of the Evil One




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