• Ralph D. Winter

The Scariest Verse in the Bible

This a transcription of Ralph Winter’s 2-minute segment in a Frontier Fellowship meeting that was broadcast from KBRT; 5/12/1981.

We are looking at the 6th Edition of the Helicopter view of the Bible. Last time we talked about what I guess is the scariest verse in the whole Bible. It was that point in Israel’s history where they came out of Egypt, they grumbled and complained in the wilderness, came right up to the doorstep of the land, which was just 11 days walking distance from Egypt to where they were going. But instead of entering the land, their faith failed them and they rebelled a tenth time. And God said, “Look. My glory shall fill the earth, but you people will not be involved in entering this land.”

In other words, God doesn’t need us to do his work. If we are unwilling to follow him in faith, he simply sets us aside for someone else. And that’s what happened in this particular situation. It’s as though this people, given a mandate, asked to be re-centered in God’s will, coming out of Egypt, being liberated from slavery, and now of course God was offering to put his people back into the major missionary base at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and Asia land masses, but they pulled back.

Christian friend, have you pulled back from God’s mandate to you? He isn’t just interested in rescuing you from sin. He hasn’t just called you out of a life of preoccupation with your own things into the wonderful light and glory of His presence. He has called you and given you blessings and asked you to share them.

Now this nation that we’re studying about here—this is really scary. They feared that God would allow them to die, going up against these giants. And God said, “Look, the very thing you feared will happen to you. You will die in the wilderness."

And you, Christian friend, you’re going to die one way or the other. Why not die for something important? Don’t die for nothing. Die for something.

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