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Collections of Ralph Winter Writings

1. A list of Ralph Winter's articles and editorials in the International Journal of Frontier Missiology is available online and as a PDF.

Both of these formats contain links to the articles online.

2. Winter selected and published his own writings in the book, Frontiers in Mission: Discovering and Surmounting Barriers to the Missio Dei.

3. Foundations of the World Christian Movement: A Reader contains mostly Winter articles that give a "taste" of Winter's way of looking at history as the fulfillment of the purposes of God.

4. Links to a print version of each of the twenty lectures for the Foundations Course are collected in this document.

5. Read Winter's short book, The Unfolding Drama of the Christian Movement, in two parts:

Part One: Chapters 1 - 10


Chapter 1: The MEANS of World Evangelization Chapter 2: The Unfinished Task of World Evangelization Chapter 3: Penetrating the Last Frontiers Chapter 4: The Importance of a Strategy of Closure Chapter 5: The First Four Hundred Years Chapter 6: The Second Four Hundred Years (AD 400-800) Chapter 7: The Third Four Hundred Years (800—1200 AD) Chapter 8: The Fourth Four Hundred Years (1200-1600 AD) Chapter 9: The Breakdown of the Uniformitarian Hypothesis

Chapter 10: The Fifth Expansion

Part Two: Chapters 11 - 18

Contents: Chapter 11: The Evangelical Awakening Chapter 12: The Emergence of Protestant Orders, 1795-1865

Chapter 13: The Rise of the American Protestant Mission Movement

Chapter 14: Student Movements in Missions Chapter 15: The Retreat of the West

Chapter 16: The Legacy of Edinburgh, 1910 Chapter 17: Missions and Church Councils Chapter 18: The Story of Global Civilization as of 1945

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