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What Are You Called to Do? The Holiness of Work

Editor's Note: The links in the next paragraph to Ralph Winter's thinking about cosmic battle and the work week lead to PDF files. In those files are urls for the sources of the quotes. If the url does not open in your browser, simply copy and paste the link into your browser and it should open.

Significant themes in Ralph Winter's last decade of life included the cosmic battle in which humans were created to join God in defeating the "works of the devil." In this struggle, Winter emphasized, the work of Christ-followers during their regular work week is important. He bemoaned the assumption that "ministry" and purpose in life all relate to church work. Instead, as Brian Lowther points out in his sermon, humans have the opportunity to "extend the Garden" through their work and everyday lives.

Brian Lowther is the Director of the Roberta Winter Institute, founded by Ralph Winter as his first wife was dying from multiple myeloma (the same cancer that took his own life eight years later). Brian masterfully ties Winter's significant themes together in a winsome and easily understood way in this sermon he preached at University Baptist Church. (The sermon starts at 31.51.)


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